sulpheric acid

well well well..remmeber the girl who was pissing me poff at work – she is leaving..she got a job with an internal company and her last week is next week..i am even more annoyed with this and it is just eating me from the inside becaus eshe does no work, she has no product knowledge, she is lazy, rude – but easy to get along with and she didn’t even apply for the position, they asked her to apply and she got the job..I work my arse off, win awards, learn products move around to new areas and have shitloads better scores than she does and she gets the easy options….



3 thoughts on “sulpheric acid

  1. mrapophis says:

    You think you’re annoyed. At least YOU don’t have superglue on your fingers. 😦

    • dragonray says:

      as much as i wouldliek to comment on a scene from american pie 2 i think i will leave that one well alone!!
      hey if you haven’t spoken to the boi yet – we are coming up this weekend..friday night after work, so we should get there at about 9.00 ish if we are lucky….do you belive me this time???

  2. mrapophis says:

    Hehe, thanks for the update. I’ll have the weekend off. (woot!) I’ll believe you just this once, but you better turn up, or I’ll never believe you again. 🙂

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