ahh well, the joy of lunch time at work – the .8 minutes i get to eat befor ei have to get back into it are always fun…I know i shoudl take lunch but we are so far behind and with half thr team down again i am tryong to keep the team closer to date…ah well…

the weekend was great – the boi and i did lots of things…he dug up the backyard form all the piles of dirt next to the fence so Boaz can’t jump like a spastic and scare the neighbours,we also trimmed some of the trees down and are currently using them as barriers in front of the fence so Boaz can’t wreck the fences any more…we need to get new ones, but we need the whole back and one side done so it is a bit expensive as you can well imagine…

we found some really nice burgundy(?) paint for half price and so our temple is now half burgundy….i did mnost of that on sunday – we need to find a nice colour to match so we can do the cornices, arhitraves and cupboard doors….

we also ripped up the carpet in the smelly room, after two layers of carpet, one layer of underlay , one layer of lino and one layer of newspaper, we finally found the floor boards and all we need to do now is sand them and polish them. but that is for many moons down the track at least the smell is gone now so i can actually handle going into the room without throwing up….YAYAYYAYA

we are going to move the pc’s into the back room and maybe think about setting up a wireless network – but then the bois pc is dead…i mean dead no power…so we have to buy a new power supply before we do anything exciting…it sucks living off one pc i tell you!!! eheheh so we are going to buy the parts for the wirelwss thing bit by bit and then get it up and running so we have the pc’s in the back room. i think it has finally sunk in that we have a whole house that we can use, not just three rooms…so we are beginning to spread out.

I am going to move the book cases next weekend to the spare room, so we have more room in the kitchen and then we are going to try and save up the money to get some bits and pieces fixed like the heater, locks and doors etc…

anyway better get going as i have heaps to do…

hugs and kisses to all hope you are all ok and doing well….


ps – the boi also told me i could paint whatever i wanted to in the spare room – i get to do whatever i want to the walls and go nuts – how excited am i?? LOL


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