All week I have been doing two people’s work and I am beginning to get rather pissed off at the lack of recognition I have received..all i am asking for is a little note that says thanks for the effort – i have been taking on other stuff without being asked to..i have been getting trough all the jobs that have to be closed today to be in turnaround – which i get given 30 minutes before i leave but i get them done without complaint and do you think i will get a thankyou for it? of course fucking not….

I am getting through double or triple what everyone else in the team is getting through but it is not good enough – FUCK ME AM I SHITTY ABOUT THIS….

i think i need to get out of this job and move into something else…i am only hanging aroung because there is a rumour they might start up a priority service team down here….and i want in on it obviously…but i am not holding ,my breath – ince we have our reviews then i will consider pissing off and leaving….



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