broken toe

i think i have broken my little toe as i stubbed it rather hard yesterday and i screamed pretty badly….i did it at about 2.30 yesterda and i still can’t walk on it as it is killing me and it is all swollen up…, so i am going to get some xrays today – although i know there is nothing they can do if it is broken, but it will be an incentive to be more careful if it is broken…..pretty pissed off i have done this, but what can you do….

i was going to go to work and then the doctors this afternoon, but the boi suggested it would be better for me to rest it and keep it elevated incase it is broken rather than damaging it any further by havaing to walk too much today – there is a fair amount of walking incvolved befor ei even get to work…so i coudl see his point….buti am so sick of being at home and i hate to be here when i feel fine anough to be at work….



3 thoughts on “broken toe

  1. minxee says:

    sorry to hear about your toe 😦
    poor thing….
    how’s everythign with the house going? Has Drew started the new job?

    • dragonray says:

      Drew started yesterday – doing the induction thing at the moment, so all goes well..he is very excited to be out of the house….
      i have fractured my little toe – nothing big just a little bit, but damn it hurts and i tell you what i am sick of injuring myself…mind you this is the first brake/fracture i have ever had – so i think i am doing exceedingly well..
      how you feeling with the migraines you have been getting?? they seem to be a lot more regular at the moment…..

      • minxee says:

        Re: yup
        heya…stress related migraines and the like methinks…*shrugs* I have new drugs so many they will help and I just need to chill out a bit when I’m expecting PMS to hit.
        Planning a housewarming soon? Maybe I need a trip to Melbourne to cheer me up *smiles*

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