our secod weekend in our house has been very eventful…well not really…but i thought i shoudl try to make it sound interesting…..

we have just been unpacking and sorting out our room and the pc’s etc….nothing very exciting…we are getting used to the new supermarkets and all the stuff involved – like getting lost in the mall…hhehehe

the boi has a job – did i say already? well he has anyway which is very exciting…working with optus he doesn’t start until october, but hey a job is a job and he seems excited at the prospect of working again so YAYA we won’t be broke anymroe either…lol…we will have money enough to consider having a house warming and maybe thinking about our wedding etc…- maybe we make it the same day…now that would be interesting…hrmm i wonder if that would work?? LOL…mindless ramblings…

we have cable again!! no more darn dial up – i tell you what it is fabulous – we can listen to the radio again – i loved listening to streaming rnb…you get all the stuff that is out in usa now…which is cool i reckon…

not much else to report..my tummy has been great – i have also found out sausages don’t go down well with my tummy, so i will have to cut them out of my diet which sucks coz we have af reezer full of them..heeheh oh well….

the boi and i dont’ know what to do with ourselves since we dont’ have anyone coming home or knocking on the door, we are finding oursleves more relaxed and at the same time agitated…hopefully that will pass…

we can also go back to being net junkies – happily – my brother and his friend who moved in, didn’t appreciate our online lives so we avoided being on the computers….but we can get back on them now!!!! YAYAYAAY


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