HI All,
We have put money aside for our first mortgage payment today!!! heheeh YAYA, it comes out nect week, so it is pretty exciting knowing that our money is going into our house, now we just have to fix it up. there are lots of little problems like the doors aren’t square on the frames a and the locks don’t work very well…they lock but it takes about 10 minutes to unlock them or lock them up again….heheheh definately need a coat of paint and some polyfiller along the way and we need an extermiator to clean out the fronbt and back of the house of cobwebs and spiders…i dont’ mind them being outside but not on the house…heehheeh so we shall have to see about getting rid of them…..

all in all not a bad position….i can walk to the train in about 8 minutes…depending on my speed…so i am rather happy with that. we have had to cancel our health insurance for a few months, but better than having no money….

the boi has some more interviews today and tomorrow, so fingers crossed all will go well and he will ave a job soon…….

better go and get ready for work talk to you all later..

hugs and kisses

ps – i applied for two more positions yesterday in the hope that i get a payrise and a more challenging role…so fingers crossed all will happen…..i have applied for another priority service role – i keep trying but nothign seems to happen….lol


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