well i have irritable bowel syndrome according to the specialist, so from here on in i have to keep a journal of food and see what affects my tummy and try to avoid/cut back on those foods….i have to have breakfast as it will set up my tummy for the day and i also have to drink as much water as humanly possible to keep my body flushing….

i was hoping to go to work today but damn craps have started again and so it looks unlikely…i will try to go tomorrow as i am going to have nothing but vegetables today and see how i cope with that then i will slowly add things like meat, bread, dairy and rice….will take time but hopefully i will get there.. the specialist for my lungs isn’t worried about my lump and he tends to think it might be related to the tummy thing by stress etc..so once i have my tummy sorted out i have to either see him if i am still having chest problems or cancel my appointment if it resolves itself.

we move in to our new place tomorrow – friday night- which is very exciting…we had final inspection last night and everything seemed ok…we have to clean the place a hell of a lot while we are there, but i don’t mind very much….

the boi still has not found work, but he has had a couple of interviews and they looked very promising, he has another interview next week for a job with very crap hours, but it will be money, we are going to go out and see of we can get him a waitering job at acafe etc or something like that anyway….fingers crossed and if anyone knows of any jobs needing to be filled please let us know so he can apply for them….hhehehe

anyway i can’t type anymore as i have to figure out what s wrong with our phones as there is no dial tone…hrmmm….

hugs and kisses

talk to you all later


One thought on “update

  1. fuzzpaul says:

    those damned cows!
    Mellie, you might be lactose intolerant. Before I knew I was lactose intolerant I had irritable bowel syndrome. Caused some problems. I still have problems with my tummy area.
    My doctor told me that about 20% of the Leb population suffers Lactose Intolerance. Anyway, how exciting about moving in to your new house! I want to come down and visit 🙂
    Hope Drew finds a job soon.

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