Hi All,
I have been told that there is a lump on my windpipe near the join to my lungs. the dr doesn’t seem to think (both the dr who read the scans and my gp) that i need to do anything for a month and then have some follow up tests done to see if it is any worse.

My parents (all four of them- mum, mum, mum & dad) all think i should get a second opinion and have it looked at. they have all said that what if it grows so much in a month you are dead or have to have the lung removed….and although i agree…i am a little nervous about the fact that dr’s these days dont’ seem to want to take any action if someone has something wrong with them. but at least my chest pains have a little bit more explained..although the whys etc have not been answered. he didn’t give me any reason as to what it was or how i should combat it or anything – which i would assume is a dr’s job…..oh well enough about my whinging….

in other words there is still a chance that it is something severe, but i have to find a dr to go to that i trust to give me a good second opinion…but it is hard when you don’t know any dr’s in the state…and it also sucks that there are not enough dr’s that bulk bill…i don’t get paid until wednesday and so i am stuck in a position where i can’t do anything until then…..but i would rather get another opinion tomorrow…maybe i can see if someone will give me a bill…heheehh i can pay them back the next day….

the other issue is that i have been off work for so long now i am beginning to think they all probably hateme, but my boss has been wonderful about it – what do you say when someone says they have a lump on their lungs that they need to get investigated….shrug….

talk to you all soon and i will see what happens….



2 thoughts on “lymphadenopathy

  1. minxee says:

    if you’re not comfy with their diagnosis and prognosis – go and see another Dr.
    Don’t worry about work at all hun…..they will understand.
    *hugs* I’ll call you soon

  2. fuzzpaul says:

    Melanie, I’ll send some healing energy your way. You’re very much in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how it goes. *hug*

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