I am hone again, the last three weks have been hell for me health wise. but befor ei go to have a nap i thought i should update everyone on what i have had done….

when i was at the hospital the other week the xray showed that i have swollen lymph nodes in my lungs – to be called tracheobronchial lymphadenopathy..i have yet to find out what this is as my dr was not forthcoming with ANY information just sent me for a CT scan on my chest(done this yesterday) – i will be getting the results next week sometime. I kept asking him what it was and he kept avoiding the questions:
1 – he has no idea
2 – it is serious and he doesn’t want to scare me
are the only answers i can come up with at the moment.

I also have to see a specialist next wednesday for my tummy and see what she has to say about the cramps i have been having constanatly for the past three weeks.

I am home today because of chest pain and slight stomach pain is more my inability to breath in without my chest hurting that prevented me from going to work…i would rather be at home incase it worsens than be at work in a humid environment (they have had the heaters going as if it is 2C).

All my parents have been calling me to make sure i am ok…which is strange but i have been keeping them as up to date as I possibly can…i have also been chowing down more panadol the last three weeks than i have in my entire life…me being someone who would rather not stuff my body full of crap has found that ineed something to help with the pain…

such is life…i will advise when i know more…please fingers crossed it is nothing serious other than a chest infection and send me get well thoughts so my body can do something useful and get back in line…

hugs and kisses to all and i hope everyone is doing well!!!



One thought on “Sickness

  1. mrapophis says:

    Hope everything is ok.

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