freaking weird shite

tonight as i was reading through my emails for some of my lists i found one that i felt i shoudl respond to ( little thing abotu rivers etc — nothign exciting) anyway i get an email from the original poster because she lived in albury and was now living in an area i had mentioned in my email..anyway a few emails later after we had freaked out about the living so close to each other and knowing the areas of which i spoke, we found that her and my boi were actually in school together and in the same class!!! how weird is that…hehehehe

nothing much else to say really…i had to help my mum sort out her email today it was playing nastry tricks on her.

I have gastro again..i am getting sick of having this every couple of weeks. the doctor said i should take tomorrow off as well just to be safe..but i am so sick of being sick…oh well that is life…i only have a month to go before we can settle into a new routine and new place and i can start buying ozaerobics videos and working out each night…lol…well that is my plan.

the boi is still jobless, sadly, but he went to a recruitment agency yesterday and they advised they had heaps of jobs at the moment so fingers crossed he may have something soon!! which would be fabulous!!

Apophis came down on the weekend and we had a great time…was lost of fun even though we didn’t do anything majorly exciting..played pictionary!! HEHEHEH i love that game…and just relaxed….

i have given up on the job i applied or the other week as i have called the guy back about 3 times last week and left messages and have heard nothing from him so i assume the worst…such is life i might get a surprise when i egt back to work and find a job offer waiting for me…..

hugs and kisses


One thought on “freaking weird shite

  1. minxee says:

    don’t give up on the job just yet – wait and see when you get back to work….maybe there’s an offer there for you *fingers crossed*
    I hope you feel better soon….

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