back from qld

Hi All….losts to post….

we had a great time in qld..was so good….was great to see old firends and catch up..did some wicthy stuff (them being pagan and all) and we fluffed around a fair bit. we went to a medieval fair on the weekend and it was really cool…was heaps there and so authentic (as much as it can be in this modern age) but their were knightsin armor fighting and jousting and dancing and illuminated manuscripts and stained glass windows….mmmmm yummo lots of pretty shiny things etc…but i bought an illuminted image that one of the women does i shall endeavour to get a piccie of it up here as soon as i can…it is loverly….it is an image of gwenivere torn between her two lovers..well that is what i like to think….more on that later…

but was great to get away for a week if nothing else…then this morning before we were due to come home i had a row with my dad adn it continued when i got home..nothing has been sorted he thinks i am a wimp and ungrateful because we had these tickets to qld booked befre we moved to melbourne and we had to borrow money to get there…we were apparently hiding our real financial situation from them….long story suffice it to say i am very hurt and angry …but i had a great week in qld so i am trying to stay upbeat for at least one night back…

boaz was so excited to see us home he went nuts…he was suffereing from seperation anxiety i think after we went away as the neighbour was feeding him and letting him in, but he wouldn’t come in and he wasn’t eating etc….so hopefully he will be ok now that we are back…..

we are going to pick up our beds tomorrow and store them in the garage for the next month or so…so we have to get a tow ball tomorrow and get it attached to the car…we have the tow bar thingamagiga…so we need to hire a trailer to do that….

then…on friday we are probably going to wondonga for the weekend (we shall take poochie or he is likely to die without us) and show off our car to everyone…lol…we havent’ had the chance yet and we really want to…mind you we have noticed that our fuel economy is no worse in the commodore than it was in the pulsar – this may be attributed to the fact that i do not drive the commodore as hard because it goes so smoothly…major thing we need is a cd player as we are currently without one…we have tape!!! EUCCCKKKYYYHHHH!!!

Anyhoo, i think that is all for the minute i am exhausted and feeling very tired after all the excitment of the last week and i can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight…there is nothing like going away for a week and then coming back to your own bed….mmmmmm yummo….

oh before i forget – minxee will be ashamed of me – i had my first bowl of risotto on the weekend as was a chicken one and yummooooo!!!! how nice was it!!!! i am now going to go out and buy a risotto cook book and make some!!! mmmmmm…so simple to make as well……

hugs and kisses

take care and i will talk to you all soon…

minxee i hope your finger is better? sounds nasty sweety!!!


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