qld here we come

YAYAYAY we are off tomorrow morning at 9.00am!!! to the sunny shores of brisbane….apparently the weather is really nice (like a melbourne spring) so we shoudl feel right at home…..

Am very excited at the prospect of catching up with old friends that i haven’t seen for many years!!! and maybe going to some of the markets etc that are around their area!!! have been told they are quiet good for markets…so fingers crossed i won’t want to spend too much money.

Will be nice to get away from work for two weeks the place is driving me crazy…i am hoping like crazy i got the postion i applied for last week as both the people who interviewed me seemed really nice…and we seemed to get along really well and i think i only stuffed up on one question….ah well..ce la vie….

anyhoo since it is late and we have to be up early i really want to go to bed but i have to wait for the boi to come home as he doesn’t have house keys…our neighbour has them coz she is looking after the doggie for us…poor babay being left alone all week..i feel sorry for him but there isn’t much we can do about it….next time i think we will try to get him in a kennel thing…if we can get him used to other dogs first….he has made friends with the puppy next door they play with eaach other through the fence palings (some of them are bowed and falling off) it is very cute to see him doing that when he normally can’t get close enough to sniff other dogs….ahh well…we shall keep trying.

so considering i will not be online for a week from tomorrow i hope you all hjave lovely week and that you are all able to be honest with yourself and others even in the face of despair. take care and talk to you all soon.



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