Hands up

OK, now why didn;t anyone warn me not to watch “A beautiful Mind”. All of my friends know that i cry in cartoons like a babby and this was about 600 million trillion billion times worse. I literally cried from the halfway point all the way through and collected a pile of tissues at my feet. I now have to sit up for about an hour so i don’t go to bed and have bad dreams which is the norm for me.

Anyway, so the boi suggested I jump online and read LJ as it always seems to cheer me up and guess what, the first comment i read makes me laugh and feel so much better already – i guess that is the job of the sacred god Apophis…lol…anyway…

time for me to fnd other things to think about barring the damn movie!!!!

hugs and kisses


3 thoughts on “Hands up

  1. fuzzpaul says:

    I can’t wait to come visit you and Redhead in your new house Mel.. I miss you guys!!!

  2. minxee says:

    you poor dear – I cried whilst watching AI (the movie with Haley Joel Osmond in it) only to phone Nat to find he was a little teary eyed as well – glad we didn’t watch it together. *sniffles*
    *bounces* looking forward to visiting you as well!!!!

  3. dragonray says:

    yes yes you shall all have to come and visit us now!! LOL…it will be very exciting!!
    Fuzzie i havent’ heard from you in ages!! hugs and kisses….how are you….my email is dragonray@dragonray.org…..email me!!!!
    I havent’ seen AI..i forgot it was on…and if you cried it means i will ball minxee so i dont’ think i will watch it for a while…i am still recovering from a beautiful mind….
    hugs and kisses

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