We drove past our hose tonight – and it has a sold sticker on it!!!! So exciting! well we thought so anyway!!!

We also (fingers crossed)are picking up our car tomorrow!!! so i will post a picture when we get home so you can see our sexy motor car!!!

then all we need to do is get organised for the contrctas etc…we have to organise a million things to send back for our contracts and i have no idea what any of them are…so i have to sit down and work it all out…that is my mission for next weekend….and we have to start packing and trying to save some money.

Did i tell you the boi got a job and then lost it the same week? he got ajob at telstra in the clal centre and then that bastards called him on the friday saying that they had over budgeted for people and they didn’t need him anymore…so he is agin without a job…if anyone knows of any jobs going please let us now coz then we will be much happier….

anyhoo..enough of the chatter…i shall tootle off and think about getting our new car….

ps..i also have a job interview on thursday at 10.00 – fingers crossed for me..(internal transfer to collins street level 2 – pray pray pray)

hugs and kisses


2 thoughts on “excitement

  1. mrapophis says:

    Don’t you think you’re getting a little too excited about a hose!? 😛

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