This is the best concert I have ever been to. She is fabulous. Her voice is unbelievable and sounds so awesome – she is so very sexy and she seems to nice….she was having a joke with us and it was very cool.

She sang for 2 hours which was fucking amazing in itslef and she sang all my favourite songs (i will not mention the fact that all her songs are my fav…lol) but i bawled most of the way through it…everytime she started another song i would cry…lol

Well there isn’t much more i can say..she was just fucking awesome..i slept like a baby all night…i was in heaven….

it was the best concert…wendy matthews sang and she was quiet good as well…i am a small wendy matthews fan…so i wasn’t really caring…i just wanted her to get over…but her new album woudl be very nice…she has some great songs on there (for all the wendy fans) i woudl consider buying it…but i want to get soe of her older stuff first (which she sang some of and that was fucking awesome as well)…

we got home at about 12.00…which was cool…concert started at 8.00 and we left at 11.00…so i was happy for my 90.00….


hugs and kisses


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