stupid bastards & stupid cheques & stupid debt relief services

well today was d day for the house and would you believe we got fucked around my the debt compnay so we are having to beg for an extension of a week and hope to fucking christ they stop dicking us around….to cut a long story short – they are saying they did not get something in the mail for a week (from melb to sydney – sure right whatever you say) anyway, then the bank is saying it takes five days for the cheque to clear – BULLSHIT!!! it takes three days…but hey we can’t argue with that can we!! so since weare waiting for this cheque to clear we haven’t been abel to put in our loan app – it is waiting to be processed…

i am fumig – well basically our whole family is fuming….i am just hoping like hell that the gods decide to give us a break and the people selling decide to continue waiting on us – they have every right to turn around and say no – which will make me very upset but there is nothing we can do about it….

anyway that is my rant for the day – hehehe i hope everyone is sydney is doing well…hope you are all alive and kicking and living it up…sorry i haven’t called but so much has been happening we haven’t had a chance to really scratch our noses….hope everyones partners are doing well and all that stuff…..

love and kisses


One thought on “stupid bastards & stupid cheques & stupid debt relief services

  1. minxee says:

    oh hun….I hope it works out ok in the end…..keep updating….*hugs*
    fingers crossed

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