Well nothing really exciting to update at all….Watched master and commander tonihgt and i have to say i was very impressed…i always love it when a movie ends before you relaise you have been sitting there for two hours…..hehhe
I had heard so many bad reports from people i know i was ecpecting crap…but i really enjoyed it.

Hrmm…anything else…nto really..i found a new website that i am going to llok into a bit more.,…i am not sure if it any good yet as i have only just found it in the last 10 minutes or so…


we shall see how we go….

The boi and i are going to four first pagan gathering down here…can’t guarantee anything but i am sure it will be worthwhile!! either we will like em or we will hate them….

did i tell you i stopped going onto the magic forums because of the pathetic double standards and general crap of the people on there. I am always struck speechless when pagans waffle on about tolerance and fairness and loving everyone who loves you (and all that crap) and can have the MOST AMOUNT OF DOUBLE FUCKING STANDARDS AND EXPECT ME TO BE OK WITH IT – LIKE I AM A FUCKING GIT – WELL FUCK THEM AND THEIR PATHETIC ATTEMPT AT BEING FUCKING PAGAN!!! that was my very unpaganess coming out – and to anyone who reads this who may be an owner or moderator – you might decide it is time to be a little bit more fucking nice to people you mangy fucking fluffy arse bunny fucking rabbits!

*cough* *cough* ahem excuse me that all just came out and i didn’t quite mean it to…heehehe

anyway so we are hopefully going on the 1st May (pending details of a possible prior engagement) to a place called the Moroccan Bar in Fitzroy..no idea what it is like, but we will soon find out.

The boi and I are going out for our birthdays to the mongholian bbq place we have found in melbourne – like genghis khan – my fav place of all places, so that is fairly exciting for me….eheheh….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mongolian bbq!!!

anyway i think i have said enough now, so i am going to choof off into the wild blue younder and contemplate my insanity a little further!!

hugs and kisses and wonderful delights to all.


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  1. minxee says:

    oooooo LJ is a damn good place for a rant….. *smiles*

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