Had a fabbo weekend, the boi’s mum came down for the weekend and then my parents came round for dinner last night and we had a wonderful time…i am beginning to feel as if we are finally getting on top of our bills….so this week we get to start actually saving our money rather than paying off bills…it is going to be a weird experience seeing our money do soemthing rather than be spent…ew need to save for a few reasons:
1: trip to Japan/Scotland
2: Wedding
3: House
4: Bills
5: Education

We have a few other things that we qwant to do with the money as well like pay off all our debt, but that is a long term plan not short term obviously!!

Have been really busy at work, so much so i have not had a chance to scratch my nose…we were down for twp days at work with that my doom virus last week and that really caused major hassles…but we are slowly getting on top of that and should be back on track my the end of this week.

The boi is working hard as ususla and we are both begninng to look for new jobs. I have had enough of working in insureance/super…i think i want to step out into the world and try something differnet again….we shall see and the boi wants something where he doesn’t have to deal with people anymore…i think he has had enough of customers….which is fair enough I would too if i kept getting stuck in crappy industry jobs….

We are sort of settling ok , we are used to having our own privacy though and having neighbours that knock once then enter without waiting for a response is becoming a little annoying to say the least…but we shall see how we go….

Anyway, better go, will update again in a few days now we are back online again (had the carpets steam cleaned and so our computers were packed away).

hugs and kisses


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  1. fuzzpaul says:

    mel it’s so good to hear you’re happy down there. With this new Jetstar airline, tickets to melbourne will become increasingly cheaper lol. I’ll definately come and visit you guys soon *hugs* miss you!

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