techno nuts

well on friday night you won’t believe what happened!!

We bought an 80cm tv and a five disc dvd player……

short story we got sick of having a small 51cm tv (not that it is small but after mothers 68cm it was) anyway so for the last few weeks we have been looking on websites, compariung prices doing all the things you do….we walk into harvey norman’s and the boi got one of those 12 mth interets free things and he then proceeded to buy all the above mentioned stuff…

it got delivered on saturday morning and it is so heavy it took three of us to lift it onto the coffee table which is only about…hrmmm….40cm’s high….

anyway it is a sony flat screen thingie, the dvd is still on order though so we have to wait for it, hopefully we will get it this week….so that we can do the whole lord of the rings in one sitting (you can change the discs while one is playing..heheeh.

It is a bit of a haul for money i can tell you, but we got a total of about 250.00 taken off the prices so we figure we didn’t do too badly…eheheeh

getting in contact with a few of my friends this week (from high school) so we shall see what happens….maybe coffee etc…

miss everyone in sydney like mad….thanks for the thingie Fuzz I am going to give it a try next week and see how i go….i have to wait about 8 days to make sure i get my bond back before i strat my assult on the media and the wankers at the real estate place!! ehhehh Which is going to be going straight onto the tv now so we will have paid of almost half of it straight away!!! ehehee

hardly online anymore, we j=ust doint’ seem to have time…we dont’ get home to 6.30 most nights and then we have to have dinner and play with Boaz then before we know it, it’s 9.00 and time for bed again…so am hoping to get online either tonight or the night after. I have to finish my assignment (which i will be doing tonight – this one will be the last itme i write it coz it will be perfect and will not need to be done again)tonihgt as well. so i shall see how i go…

WOW long post that one…



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