burning sensation

i burnt my hand yesterday when i was doing the ironing..not too badly, bud i have a lovely red patch on the back of my hand and also along the wrist line…i am hoping it doesn’t goa ll blistery as it will be disgusting if it does….

on mondya the boi and i will have been together for two years!! can you believe it?? so much has happened in those two years and still – people think we are in the honey moon phase and haven’t been together for many than a few month…giggle…quite funny if you ask me…

I am trying to think of something to do, like dinner or a show. but i have no idea what is on and you can’t od searches by dates…which sux..so it might just be dinner and a movie….

anyway, i had better shoot off and finish my lunch break….

hope everyone is well….



One thought on “burning sensation

  1. minxee says:

    Heya hun – try lastminute.com.au?

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