I have a day off from work today so i am pretty much going to clean house and attempt to finihs some more of my webpage…maybe the links section….

anyway…not much has been happening really…we moved rooms this weekend, as the other room that my mum was in is a perfect square and so much easier to fit our bed into…we have unpoacked almost all of our stuff and anything that we can’t fit into cupboards has been cvhucked into the garage for storage….only about 2 boxes worth compared to the 14 we hadto unpack when we got here…

I have bene reading so many people’s tarot it is amazing…i have been predicting shit as well…which is fabbo..i think i am actually getting better…people are not giving me exact questions so i am reading a general one and the stuff i am comming out with is amazing….or so i am told..ehhehehi had one person cry last night coz i understood her position exactly…mmm so i have to be very careful about how i tell people things…but it is great!!!

have our first pagan meet up on the 8th feb!!! YAYAAY so i am a little excited about that!! don’t know who will be going or even if there will be very many people there, but it is exciting all the same….

missing all my friends in sydney like mad, but haven’t had the chance to call any of them as most nights i come home and spend it cleaning or organising our room etc….

anyway i might write later, but i have lots to do today…so talk to you all later….


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