I swear this live journal thing annoys me so much sometimes..i spent like 30 minutes typing a post last night then hit the update button and it came up saying servers a re being maintained try again in a few minutes, by which stage my post is wiped.
fucking bastards that can’t get a system to keep the information or at least advise you before you start posting…FGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

anyway i will re type my post when i get a chance to get online hopefully tongiht so something..

i am suffering from another hangover this morning….i drank most of a bottle of vodka and had about 5 cocksucking cowboys….so i am feeling very delicate. it doesn’t help that the water st hillside tastes like chlorine, coz i would have had more than one glass before i went to bed…

yuck…anyway i will talk to you all later…

have a great day…..


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