well it is 3.47 in the morning and i am dying for sleep. but our dog and the dog a few yeards over won’t shut up and so i can’t sleep.

i am so shitty as well, just irratable, but if it is not silent then i can;t sleep and it is beginning to piss me off coz i have not had a full nights sleep since we moved here….our poor dog is used to having a whole house to sleep in and now he has a room, which we have to keep the door closed so he onlyhas this tiny little spot in our room that he can sleep in. but he isn’t allowed in at all, so it makes it difficult, coz he has no room he paces the bedroom most of the night which shits me no end coz it makes noise and he breathes heavily and it gets on my nerves…

god help me whan i have kids..lol….

but the other dog has been narking non stop all night at nothing…he just keeps barking…i think heis like two fences over and i swear i am about ready to stand in the street and scream at the owners to shut the fucking thing up..how cna they let it bark like that…surely there should be some sort of fucking respect for other people…if you hear your dog barking like that tell it off or lock it in the laundry or do something..GRRRRRRRRR so fucking rude!!!!

anyway i think i will try to get another 2 hours sleep as it is only Tuesday so I need to keep on of it so i am not dead by the end of the week….



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