Boo Hoo

Well I am fucking exhausted…

Friday night i had a huge fight with everyone in the house (exclusing my brother as he wasn’t there) coz mum was supposed to be moving out the next day and she was doing nothing about packing.
Then saturday morning the truck was an hour late due to whoever used it before hand….we picked up the truck and spent all fucking day loading the dumb arse piece of shite. We finished loading it at about 5.30, got to mum’s place and finished unloading the bastard at about 9.30. we then had to drop off the motherhumping crapper and we finally got home at about 10.30!! WAS NOT HAPPY!! can’t you tell….mum just kept piss farting around and packing stuff instead of doing i friday night. so drew and i pakced and unpacked the whole thing with a few bits of help here and there with some of the big stuff.

Anyway she is happier in her own little place so that is better to hear.

Sunday drew and I spent cleanign up the garage and packing all our stuff into one corner, then half way through this we hear this thud and yelp from Boaz, she we bolt outside and can see no problem with him , then we notice the blood all over the windows..some how he has managed to cut his tail and everytime he wags it, blood sprays for a 10 mile radius. Aanyway, sockaed itin salt water and it doesn’t look to severe, it had stopped bleeding a few hours later, so we will keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

We then went for a drive to moonee ponds to look at this house we are thinking of buying and the outside leaves a lot to be desired, but nothing a high pressure hose couldn’t fix i suppose.

When we got home we had a BBQ with the neighbours , david came home and we sta around getting shitefaced…well i did anyway..heehhe started drinking at about 2.30 and finished at about 10.00..I was wrecked, but after the week i had just had i thought it felt bloody awesome to relax and kick back..I feel like deathw arme dup this morning, but hey such is life!!

Did i tell you we found out that the boi is getting paid the same as I am, which is fucking awesome coz now we have money again and he gets paid weekly so we are going to be able to budget a bit…hopefully form this week we will be able to try to save some money as well…i might just put some away and not tell anyone about it, that way we can forget about it…..

I have to start my first assignment it is due in about 4 weeks and it is only 500 words but i have weritten it about 8 times already and i am never happy withit, so i will give it another 2 tries then i will just hand the bitch in!! ehheeh

anyhoo, lunch is ending now, so i better go, i jhust thought i would post something for all the voyeurs out there…especially that zalan person who still remains a mystery to me…heehhe one day i am sure my drug addled brain will figure it out, but you know telling me will guaratee that i know who it is ;P


love to all!!



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