what an interesting two days it has been….

mt brother stole mums adsl modem so she could not speak to her bf in japan, she wents nuts and i mean nuts i had the neighbours on suicide watch just in case she started doing anything life treatening. She kept calling my bro and abusing him and has now disowned him, so that was intersting…she is now moving out this weekend into a nice little two bedroom closer to the city….we are helping her move this weekend…just when i thought i wouldn’t need to see boxes again!!! HAHAHAH

I have been slowly catching up with my cousins!!! and i finally got in contact with one that i have been chasing down for 7 years!!! YAYYA was fucking wonderful!!! but it is nice to have people to talk to again that are my family members and have just as fucked family lifes as a child as i did…heheeh

the job my boi has started is wonderful, he is earning as much as i am which is fabbo coz he is on the books!! he got his first pay slip yesterday and he now pays tax..lol..of 3.02 giggle..he got paid for one days work due to their pay week….

we are looking at buying a house still we are seeing the finance guy next week..he is going away for three days….might be buying a house in moonee ponds in an old street i used to live in..heheeh we shall see the only problem is the house is on the train line….we wait…..

i have to shoot through for work, so i will speak to you soon, i might rightmore for work but i thought i would give an update.

oh by the way the brother hasn’t been home for nearly two weeks while people are here…mainly coz he doesn’t want to see mum….


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