Ok, how bad do i feel…lol….

someone who i obviously talk to a lot (or maybe even used) has messaged me a comment on my live journal and even after reading their live journal i cannot figure out who it is…so zalan you mystery boy or girl….please give me something more concrete to go on…i only ask as evertyone i know tried toc onvice lee gay sex was best coz he was gay!! ROFLMAO

anyway…it is stinking hot here and i miss everyone like mad..it is really strange to not be able to just meet everyone for coffee…hehehe but give it time coz we are going to have to have a housewarming so everyone is going to have to come down for that one…

we are looking ast palces to buy and some of them are awesome..there is one place with a spa pool and three bedrooms and a huge backyard for..get this…260,000…or the other one we are looking at is about 245,000 for 3 bedrooms with 7000ft of land..lol..it is fucking huge!!!! So dad is going to be helping us with a deposit etc (we are fuckign stoked about that) and he has a mate in one of the lending places that might be able to help us get a loan (non conforming)…


One thought on “

  1. zalan says:

    Make it Easy for You!!!
    MMMM More clues about me, I have a partner with long hair (male) who has quite a personality, live pretty close by to Minxi, went out with you on your hens night to Mongolian BBQ, we then when to a pub called ‘Paddys’ or something like that – where you planted a big smoocharoo on my lips…. :)) Have been to see Wendy with you a few times, plus the whole gay sex convo with Lee…
    Do you know who I am yet??:))

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