Merry Xmas

Well another xmas and all has passed us by to quickly.

On a scale of one to ten I would say this year has been about a 3 (exclusing the boi as he is always a 12). I have been majorly fucked over and disillusioned by peopel I thought to be close friends and have had to basically say i am bankrupt, moved house three times, moved states, eat more rice/past and potates than anyone should have to face in a lifetime and changed jobs twice.

My list is kind of endless of the shite that has happened, but there have been some sparkly moments in there….

My lesson this last year (which i still haven’t learnt – nor do i think i will ever learn it) is that I should not expect anything from anyone as they will most likely do the opposite or not be as considerate as I would have been in the same situation. I have also learnt that some people will surprise you…not often but sometimes.

Xmas was good had lunch with the step family and stuffed ourselves silly. am now at home drinking up a storm….well not really a storm…

the boi has a job!!! he starts on the 6th Jan, so office work and on the books, we can start to save up money now…which is fabulous…ehheeh….buying a house is getting is actually trying to get us to buy in heidelberg…which would be nice…and mum is offering to help us with a deposit, which would be spectacular…but we shall see…i doubt the chances of it happening…ROFL…

Not much else to say, am not missing sydney at all..giggle..having to get used to not driving like iam in NSW is taking a bit to get used to..but i am sure it will happen…we are trying to find our way around places and that is proving more diffficult than first imagined…lol

work is wonderful..on my first day there i got a xmas pressie and then the next day as well. they ar eall really friendly although i do sense some backstabbing etc, which i am going to stear clear of now that i know it happens….or at least who are the poeple that do it…. 🙂

missing friends mainly…that never seemt o be online… i dont get the chance to catch up with them…giggle…but it has only been a few days…actually exactly a week now i think…lol… we haven’t even had a chance to talk to our HP since we moved…lol…thats kind of weird since we have spoken to him almost every night for the last 4-6 months…heheeheh

but anyway…enough about all that…i hope everyone is doing well and having fun…hope everyone has a great new years as my brother is kicking us out for the night because the last party he had here apparently people were fucking all over the house (kitchen laundry, bathroom) and doing lines and dope everywhere else…we are not happy about it, but we don’t know whether to say and make sure no one damages our stuff or go so we don’t have to put up with it…oh well..we still deciding….any help from out there would be wonderful on this one…..

so i will talk again soon, hopefully before new years but i can’t promise anything…lol

take care


3 thoughts on “

  1. daemonboi says:

    oh my god.. people fucking in front of everybody?? and why am i not invited? hahahah
    yeah.. i messaged you Happy Christmas on MSN but it appears that you were off doing other things. anyways.. it’s great to hear that “the boi” has a job!!! YIPPEEE and i bet he’s also stoked about it too. i would be getting a job immediately after a major move. the gods of melbourne must be working for you guys. the gods of sydney certainly wasn’t!
    well i hope you enjoy the rest of the year and also that you have the bestest fun for the new year. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!
    love you both!

  2. minxee says:

    Missing you heaps and loving your journal 🙂
    Hey guys,
    Missing you guys heaps and was fun to be bouncing emails about at work Mellie….feels like you’re still just upstairs *sniffles*
    Anyway, tis 3am and I have to be up at 7am to go to the southern highlands….yay 🙂
    talk soon and will be sure to leave lots more comments 😉
    love you both – congrats on the job drewbear!!!

  3. zalan says:

    Hellooo Sexy!!! How u going….
    You moved to another state!! OMG!! Just read your journal.. Glad you found a boi that makes you happy!! (Does this mean I won’t get a kiss anymore):)))
    Drop me a line!!!!
    BIG HUGZ!!!
    P.S – Do you know who I am…. if not a few clues… Wendy, Kissing Runey, Trying to convince Lee gay sex was best.. :)))
    MWAH Precious!

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