It has been a while since i ihave writtn in here and basically I have not had time to do so.

Lots has happened since i last wrote but i will try to make it quick..hehehe

We had a farewell yumcha last weekend on the 7th and it was pretty cool to see everyone again, and the new bois in the picture (phillip & mitchell – don’t know how long either one will last but then that is the joy of boyfriends..eheeheh they generally come and go…)

It was really nice to sit with everyone and catch up and just talk about shite..heheehhe..we then went for coffee and fioriani’s and if a waiter could fuck up more shit it i think they should get fired…he was lucky to get half our orders right, which is probably caused by the fact that he can’t speak english..OH well they hire these people…..

We have spent most of our waking time either watching angel, training or packing/cleaning. We are having our prelim inspection today so i can atleast sign paperwork saying that they house doesn’t have holes or is in a bad state etc…coz we don’t trust them to write bullshit….i mean i am expecting them to come after we have left and i don’t mind that but we also wanted to be here coz of the whole moving state thing…ehehhehe

anyway i am over packing and cleaning…we have nothing left to pack except one cooking dish and the pc’s which will be getting switched off tongiht….i am going to spray it all with bug spray tongiht so they have overnight to kill everything…gross i know, but it is the only choice we have…i do not want to take cockroaches to melbourne with us…hehehe

We are making s trip to the tip this arvo as we have about 8 bags of rubbish and there is no way it will fit in the nrmal garbage runs..heheeh we found lots of paper etc and we cleared out the pantry and fridge coz it is not worth us taking anything with us to melbourne…we will just buy what we need when we get our on place. We have basically filled up the front room with all our furniture.

I have to ring up and cancel all our acocunts everywhere so they can start sending us the final bills etc..grrrrr i hate that bit…lol.

my hands smell like domestos and have done so for the past week and i ma getting over the smell of pinocleen very quickly…giggle, such is the joy of cleaning house. If they have an issue with my cleaning i will not be impressed at all….

anyway i better go and get changed so i do not smell so sweaty for when they get here, i will have as hower after they leave as i do not want to get the bathroom dirty again…ehehheeh

anyway enough about the house…

i am not at work today..YAYAY i am on my one week annual leave, I cannot believe that next week I will be starting a new job in another state!!!! I find it terrifying!!! but well so exciting at the same time…

anyway i better go and start doing the phone call thing….



3 thoughts on “

  1. fuzzpaul says:

    Love you melanie 🙂 I’m excited for you and drew. Hope you settle in well in Melbourne. I’ll come visit you some time soon.

  2. fuzzpaul says:

    Oh and whose Phillip? Is he Trev’s or Tim’s? I know Mitchell is Dennis’s.

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