well another day has been spent packing and getting excited about moving….

i think this move is already making me see things in a light i never looked at before…mainly the fact that there is so little i am going to miss about sydney (excluding a few choice people). the cockroaches, the rent, the traffic, the smog, the people, the transport the list is kind of endless…so i won’t bore you all again with the details….i am just so glad to be going home, i feel better already.

I am missing some of my friend, but then i have been missing them for months anyway, so no biggie really. BUt well just knowing i am in the same state to catch up kind of makes it ok, coz we can hook up when everyone schedules allow, but i will be 100km’s away and there will be no more coffees, or discussions, or “just dropped over” of “i am coming down this weekend” or any of that…so i am not sure how to take it…ah well…i ramble….

I guess I just have to start caring about myself and no one else then maybe i will not be so worried about the loss of the compnay..i doubt I will ever be able to stop caring, but well who knows….I will get back to you if i ever suceed..hehehe


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  1. daemonboi says:

    i have a good feeling that you will have a great time in melbourne. new opportunities and new friendships will spring from it. we’re always here in sydney and we’re only a keyboard away when finances allows us.. we are only a plane away 🙂

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