I have read a couple of good books in the last couple of weeks, one was a book I bought centuries ago and never got around to reading (astral dorrways)..I am almost through it…and I started reading drawing down the moon, so i am going to keep reading that one.

But I find it absolutely fascinating that these people (the authors that is) have been practising and all of them ( i don’t care who you read) all say it takes years of practice and you need to spend weeks training before you even get close and then you get people coming into witchcraft who have done nothing all their lives and want to be able to do it yesterday and wonder why they can’t.

Nothing is going to be handed to you on a silver platter, you have to work at yourself and give your mind the material it needs to do what you want it to do.

And I am sorry i do not believe you can have these abilities just naturally, one or two maybe, but the whole combined package i would venture to say is impossible – you may say that is my downfall in belief and i would say that is where you fall down in belief as no one is perfect. Ego does not get you anywhere.

I fnd myself getting frustrated with witches the world over right now….there is a brialliant quotein this book i am almost finished, but I can’t find it right now i will pot it later…it sums up everythign i think and feel…anyhoo thats my rant for the day!!!


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