We don’t have to move out until the end of the lease now…YAYAYAAY..

I didn’t get the job I went for yesterday…sadly…but well i will keep looking.

I miss Paul and hope he is doing ok….i think he has pissed most of his money up a wall if you ask me…but i suppose as long as it was enjoyable for him….who cares!!! LOL

anyway I have to scoot of to work now…so i will try to put more on tonight…..


One thought on “

  1. fuzzpaul says:

    Mel that’s fucking great about your lease! I read that older post about the dog and the travel agent and got a bit worried.
    And no I haven’t pissed my money away! LOL. I haven’t been drunk in weeks.. but tonight that all changes.
    I’s 21 now 🙂

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