after much thought and back tracking I have decided to not let go of my baggage. Instead I wam going to use it as a buffer for all the fucking arseholes in the world. I am going to hold onto it and keep it close coz at least i know what my baggage is and it isn;t going to change or be nasty or lie.

such is life i suppse when you realise that everything bad you have ever thought has all been true, what is the point og being pagan and beliveing that most people have good in them or that they give a shit about any thing other than themselves.

I hate sydney and most of the people in it (bar about 6) and I can tell you I will not be happier the day i can move away from this shit hole of lies, deception, hate, greed and self centrerd fuckers thinking they are th universe walking on fucking legs.

Have a great fucking day and I hope you all get fucked over again and again coz then maybe one day your fucks will appreciate what orthers have gone through.


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