Today we went to yumcha again!!! but we went with a few friends that i haven’t seen for ages..one of my friends from work was supposed to come but she cancelled, but i managed to cath up with SilverCat which was cool as i haven’t seen here for ages!!!!

but it was really yummy and for the five of us it wasn’t even that expensive!! which is always better huh?

we walked around paddys markets for a little while and lots f shopping was done…jackets and bags etc…i got an astroboy back pack!!! it is soo cool…well i think it is!!! hehehe…

then we got tired and came home but it was such a good day being out in the sunshine and fresh air etc.

then in the arvo a pergola got blown into our yard due to the high winds and the neighbour had to come and chop it up so eh could get it back to his place…it was rather funny actually….then we hired out two weeks notice and it wasn’t as good as i thought it was going to be..it was ok though…but i wouldn’t buy it unless it was in a bargain bin of about $10 …ROFL

Anyhoo..time for bed!!!


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