The Hermit

Today I played with my Tarot deck and oulled out the hermit as to my current prefernce for a situation and i have to say it is very true…i mean…i literally want to be a hermit as then i can no longer feel any emotion as i will not have to interact with people.

I was trold something by a friend on the weekend and it really hurt and as such i am no longer in the mood to be hurt by people anymore. Some people would say that i shouldn’t let things get to me – but well sadly i think that is bullshit! I am not going to sit back and not feel any emotions simply because they are deemed “wrong”. Fuck you all if you think that!!!

I am a person and i have my idiosynchrosies(sp?) and quirks. I also have believe that people should respect others and have a little bit of consideration for other people – thinking about yourself is not being considerate to others who are supposed to be friends.

I suppose if you have many friends all over the globe it is not an issue how you treat them or get treated as you can always go elsewhere, but when someone like me has very few friends I trust – i expect them to behave and interact with people and maybe stop and consider how their words and actions affect others.

I am so very hurt by this friend and this leads onto another thing – how to tell that person that they have hurt you in such a way as not to hurt them as they have hurt you or not to sound like a mental patient ??? Oh well such is life….anyway this leads on to me being a hermit as then i don’t have to get hurt or hurt others for getting angry at them…

Anyway…that is my opinion and thoughts – i may add more later…but i am greatly doubting it!! I am so depressed…*shrug*


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