I love Lamb

Well I was feeling great today..i think i ate some bad lamb and i have spent the arvo throwing up!! YUMM!!!

I was reading and doing nothing much but then i got bored so i thought i would come and play with my pc then i thought i should update my journal….hehehe

i am trying to get back into ritual work at the moment and that is proving to be more difficult that i thought!! eheheh too many different thoughts in my head!!

My bday is in a few days and i have been thinking about how much has happened since my last bday…i am a year older and i have still done nothing to improve my work situation…oh well i am working on it!!! lol…

well i can’t think of anything much to say right now so i will go and play zoo tycoon for a little whole and see what happens!!! heheehh

Love you all

go and check out my website!!!



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