Blue MOuntains

We went to Katoomba and the three sisters today!!! Had a wonderful time!!! It was lovely, then we went out to a cafe for dinner and we have just gotten home and we thought we would jump online for a while and do nothing much!!! heehheheh

We bought…well actually I bought a little glass globe on a gold stand and resin statues of the three wise monkeys (see, hear & speak no evil)…they are sooo cute….giggell…i have to buy a display cabinet…my obsession with ornaments is liekly to kill me one day but i can’t help myslef…i love ornaments…they are sooo cute etc etc etc…it is a sickness i know….hehehehe

BUt anyway…i just had to tell you all how wonderful my day was…to be driving around and just enjoying the sunshine and fresh air etc…oh we bought half a cheesecake to and i am expecting that to be gone by the end of the night!!! heheheehh


hugs and kisses


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