well then

Well Here I am again, and did i tell you all i won another award for my website? this one was for my artwork and poetry!!! EHHEHE nice to know someone likes the stuff i can’t draw!!! heheheh so now i have two awards on my site…i should keep trying for more i know – but i think my webspace must be almost up to its limits now..i will have to check – remind me will ya?

I have FINALLY started reading “Romancing the Shadow” – tis a abook about how we put all emotions/feelings into a box because they are not seen (to us) as positive etc. It is actually quite a good read and I am hoping that i will be able to use the excercises effectively to diffuse some of my rage. Fingers Crossed on that one – but so far i feel as is i am conecting to it, so that is excellent.

Other than that there is not much to tell…i was thinking about going to the blue mountains tomorrow for a day out of the city…so we shall see what the weather is like…but i think it will be nice to go for a drive and get out of sydney if only for a few hours…

Anyhoo, me better go and do some more to my website to get more awards…but i am unsure what else to put on..and the formatting of it sucks as if there is anything long i want to add onto it – i have to format the blasted thing – damn html!!!! hehheh

Take care all…

Love and Kisses


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