recently my partner became a freemason, exciting stuff i can tell you – but i now find myself wishing i had other freemasons wives to talk to…but alas, there doesn’t seem to be any. I have started up a yahoo group in the hope that mayeb i will find others i can talk to about their happiness or fears. For reasons I cannot explain on here, i am very proud of my boy, but no one would understand except maybe another wife who was even slightly interested in her husbands life.

But i have not had anyone want to join my group and so i am a bit depressed now….
Oh well, just thought i would write that down…

Oh BTW, he is teaching me how to play sax again. It has been about 7 years since i picked one up so i am having to learn everything all over again….i haven’t even read music for that long….so i am sure the neigbours are going to be very sick of me playing it soon since i have no control over my playing yet!! giggle….

but damn i love it so much!!1 my mouth is soooo sore already and i was only playing for a few minutes…not even an hour, but i should try to practice everyday, even with just the fingering or sheet music… I am soooo excited!!!! giggle…and he looks so sexy when he is playing it..heheeh

Oh well, i have to try to organise something for dinner so i will let you go…


One thought on “freemasonry

  1. fuzzpaul says:

    lol Melanie is a SAX MACHINE!!

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