here we go again

You may have noticed that I haven’t updated in a while, well there is one reason for this, the last two times I have done really long posts and then when i hit the button to update, something goes wrong – i have no idea what and my journal isn’t updated and the post that has taken me 30 minutes to type has disappeard…so as you can imagine – i have not beein really interested in updating my journal.

Anyhoo, here i am agin and I shall crtl c my page bef0r ei attempt to update so then i can keep trying if nothing else.

Heaps has happened, I have started my new job – which is pretty basic stuff, but definately in a better area, even if the peolple in the area are so rude that they do not speak to you…but i am enjoying having to do work now and not be soo involved…no one asks me questions anymore. I can sit and do my owrk with no interuppions…I love it!!

I have been updating my webpage pretty constantly the last couple of weeks…I am trying to re-design it, but need Sketchs help as I am useless with design programs…but i am still updating all the information and stuff on it……heehehehe i must keep blowing my own trumpet. I have added some award things as I want to win awards…so i am trying my hardest to win some…hehehe but i need votes…ROFL

Not much else to report really, i have been trying not to spend too much money on stuff and keep to a budget which i have decided is near on impossible, but we shall see how we go….

I haven;t really spoekn to anyone in the group_ for a while – i think we are all mah=jorly busy with other stuff in our lives, but i did catch up with Tim, Marty and De last night which was quite good, but we didn’t get home to about 3.00 in the morning….that was the lastest night i have had in a long time!! hehe but it was a great nite…

well i better go and do some more housework, maybe i will post again, if it decides to work today!!



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