Today was possibly the most eye opening experiences I have ever had.

It was the last day of my old job and a farewell lunch was organised for me and a friend who is leaving next week. I couldn’t afford to go to my own farewell lunch due to personal circumstances, anyhoo, i managed to scratch up some extra moneyetc and went.

So how does one feel when only one person she works with goes to her farewell lunch? Two colleagues of mine came, but I haven’t worked with them for about a year if not more. But no one else came, most of the people said they forgot. THEY FORGOT!!!! How much am i appreciated then? All th eother people at the lunch were there for my friends as she works in that team. So how is one suppsed to feel going to a farewell lunch and seeing only one member of her current team turning up? AM i suppsed to feel as if i am liked by anyone (refer to my journal for the 11th)? Am i supposed to be confident that I anyone will miss me if i was to kill myself tomorrow? Other than Drew?

I was under the impression from these people that after spending 2.5 years with them they would come to my farewell lunch..i mean silly me to think that i had made work “friends”. But it gets better I promise…

At the end of the lunch someone asked me when my farewell presentation was… you know the presentations they give to people who leave and they give thema present and a card signed by everyone…well i didn’t get one..NOTHING was organised for me.. NO ONE GAVE A FUCK ABOUT ME GOING!!!! a presentation has been organised for my friend next week witha pressie and everything…and what did i get? NOTHING NOT A FUCKING PEICE OF FUCKING SHIT THING!!!! anyway, after this person asked me the question and i realised that i had been forgotten so easily i got upset and had a cry on my friends shoulder, she then went upstairs and inquired into a card for me…so at 4.00 in the arvo my Team leader rusn and gets me a card and at 4.30 i get presented with a card that about 12 people have signed. Do you knwo how ahrd it is to fell happy and appreciated after you realise that no one though to get you anything after 2.5 years….tey all said they thought someon else was organising it…BULLSHIT!!!

No wonder I am a paranoid bitch…i am feeling slightly miffed and i want to drink to pass out so that maybe the pain and hurt will stop…how am i ever supposed to feel like i am appreciated when i get that kind of shit…i am soo hurt..


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