she works hard for the money

OK, i think i am the biggest idiot in the world…i have just offered to work Overtime pretty much every day this week…GOD HELP ME!!!!!! rolf 🙂 ah well the money will be good, considering we get 14.30 if we stay past 6.30 on the basis it is our dinner money….so considering i go home for dinner and do not buy anything how cool is that…also considering that nothing is open over here after about 6.00 unless yiou want maccas, it is still pretty much a good thing!!

but i will be soo tired by the end of the week i think i will want to crawl into a hole and sleep!!! giggle

i am hoping for something really exciting to happen on the weekend….but then i do not want anything exciting to happen!!! how is that for a contradiction in life!!! well i better get back to w work as that is what they are paying me for..

PDS i forgot to tell you about the cab charge we get if we stay until 8.00, which is fine if you can handle being in a cab that long…I am unable to be in a cab that long…i find that i really have to struggle to not tell them to pull over so i can drive….heheheh…so gernally the cab charge is useless as i tend to get dropped off at the pub and catch the train home…isn’t it a shame that i can’t stand sydney cabs!!!!


One thought on “she works hard for the money

  1. daemonboi says:

    something exciting to happen during the weekend hey? like what sort of excitement!?!?!?!?! as for me i gotta be up early saturday morning to take my cousin and her family to the airport. they’re going to the philippines for a holiday. and then i’m pretty much free afterwards. friday night i have laura coming over to burn some cd’s for her wedding next month.

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